About the UDIA

Created in South Australia for South Australians, the South Australian office of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) was established in 1971.

As the leading representative body for the urban development industry the UDIA exists to support the urban development industry, which includes all organisations involved in creating homes for our current and future communities.

With representation nationwide, the UDIA in South Australia is a not-for-profit membership organisation, working alongside its other State and Territory divisions that advocate for meaningful policy reform in their respective States.

Coming together, we collaborate as one  national voice in development matters, yet it is our recognised local difference that has significant on-the-ground industry representation for our members, which include:


Professional practices and consultants

Major public corporations

Financial institutions

Small companies

Private individuals directly involved in the production, financing and marketing of urban property developments

Our purpose is to represent the views, wants and needs of these organisations and of their customers who are everyday South Australian housing owners, aspiring homebuyers, renters and our most vulnerable residents including those eligible for social and affordable housing.

A primary aspect of our role is to educate and engage the government and the urban development sector on all issues affecting new residential property, particularly pertaining to affordability and liveability.

Our members benefit from exclusive access to a range of purposeful policy updates and relevant advocacy information on the current focus of Government and industry matters which are highly relevant to the development industry.