Our Objectives & Mission

Our mission is to promote, foster and advance a healthy, dynamic and efficient development industry.


The UDIA SA pursues the following goals:

The provision of high-quality information and services to members including developers, builders, industry consultants, government entities and the community

Competitive and innovative private sector involvement

Close and timely liaison with the public sector in the strategic and policy aspects of the industry.


We are committed to the pursuit of the following objectives:

To promote the advancement and improvement of the urban development industry;

To serve and safeguard the interests of members;

To position and promote itself as the leading urban development representative body in South Australia;

To secure the mutual support, promote fellowship and cooperation of all urban developers and other members of the urban development industry;

To present a common point of view of members on matters of mutual interest to authorities concerned with urban development;

To inform the public and members and conduct educational seminars and conferences on topics relevant to the urban development industry;

To secure general acceptance of standards and principles that facilitate good town planning, economic stability, ethics and public interest; and

To provide information to members on all matters affecting the Institute and its objectives, and to issue publications relevant to these objectives.

Our commitment 

The UDIA expects its members to demonstrate ethical principles and observe the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all professional and personal dealings.

We expect members to: 

Demonstrate ethical principles and observe the highest standards of integrity and honesty in professional and personal dealings. 

Uphold and promote the reputation of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (SA) and not misuse authority of office for personal gain.

Respect the confidentiality of information given to members in the course of the Institute’s work.

Engage in continuing professional development to maintain and improve industry-based skills and competence and to promote innovation and excellence in practice.

Strive to achieve environmentally sustainable development.

Show respect for the rights of consumers and maintain the public’s confidence and trust in the development Industry.