Developers want to revamp the rules of Open Space

The UDIA provided a submission to the Parliament of South Australia, Natural Resources Committee on the Inquiry into urban green spaces.

The Advertiser highlighted the UDIA’s submission in the Business Journal on Tuesday 28th July. The UDIA expressed its concern around the 12.5 per cent requirement for developers of major housing projects and what the funds from the open space contribution are going towards.

Pat Gerace, UDIA Chief Executive was quoted in the article as saying, “The 12.5 per cent open space provision applies to some infill development in already established areas,”

“These infill developments are often located where open space already exists in close proximity to the development, and therefore the provision of open space in that infill development is unnecessary, or the 12.5 per cent is not a reasonable expectation.”

“An example of this are infill developments adjacent to Adelaide parklands, or large suburban parks.”

“We believe there should be a greater emphasis on quality as part of any future methodology rather than a simple 12.5 per cent blanket provision,”

“An agreed default minimum standard should be considered to avoid a bland outcome.”

“Alternatively, is it preferable to simply leave this to negotiation on a case-by-case, allowing developers to innovate and provide a variety of open spaces.”

“Councils should not be able to leverage the legislative requirement to supplement their general revenue, which ultimately impacts housing affordability,”

“The obligation to pay money upfront, particularly on deposit of a plan of division, adds further financial burdens and costs to the developer before sales revenue has been received.”

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