The development of the new Planning and Design Code

Update on Phase Two

Phase Two Planning and Design Code for South Australia’s rural areas is on track to commence on 31 July 2020. From 31 July, the Planning and Design Code for Phases One (Outback Areas) and Two (Rural Areas) will be in operation and accessible via the new ePlanning platform. There will be an opportunity to access the Phase Two  Code in the new ePlanning platform before it commences, the State Planning Commission expects access to be provided in late June. In addition, the Phase Two Code Engagement Report will be made publicly available at that time. 

State Planning Commission – Phase Two implementation update

Phase Three Submission

UDIA meets regularly with DPTI to discuss UDIA’s submission towards Phase Three of the new Planning Code and what the final iteration of the Code may look like. As well as discussing key policy issues impacting our members, we are also having discussions on other important topics, such as the roll out and design of the ePlanning system and the provision of information and training to our members.

Recently, the conversations have centered around:

  • streamlining the development and planning approval process for Greenfield developments
  • bringing forward the process of Code Amendments
  • reviewing definitions within the Code

UDIA Phase Three Submission – February 2020