Policy & Advocacy

Our members benefit from exclusive access to a range of purposeful policy updates and relevant advocacy information on the current focus of Government and industry matters which are highly relevant to the development industry.

The UDIA SA provides members with industry updates, breaking news and insights towards advocating for clearer strategies and initiatives for the future of development in South Australia.

Through our policy and advocacy activities, we advise and collaborate with policy-makers on how to tackle urban development issues. We offer insight from the industry working on-the-ground to delivering urban development across the state. We bring practical solutions to the table that translate into tangible and positive outcomes for current and future communities.

UDIA SA members can access exclusive information on our latest advocacy efforts by subscribing to our Member Updates.

If you are a member and would like to raise an advocacy issue with us, please email us at policy@udiasa.com.au

For detailed information on our current policies and advocacy go to Our Policies.